What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are fleshy growths that occur on the bottoms of the feet, causing pain and discomfort when walking or placing weight on the foot.

What causes warts?

Like all warts, plantar warts are caused by a virus that enters the foot through a small opening in the skin. The virus can be contracted by coming in contact with moist environments where it grows, like gym locker rooms, or by wearing shoes of a person who has plantar warts. Some people are more susceptible to warts than others, including those with compromised immune systems. Once the virus enters the foot, it establishes itself in the deeper tissues of the foot where it can be difficult to reach with topical preparations.

How are warts treated?

Plantar warts can be very stubborn, and many treatments touted as “cures” wind up proving ineffective, including treatments that use acid or “freezing” compounds as well as those that use “scraping” techniques. Although these treatments may appear to remove warts, they fail to reach the deep layers of tissue, allowing the virus to continue to grow so warts can recur months later. Today, one of the best ways to treat plantar warts is with laser energy. Lasers designed specifically to treat plantar warts use specific wavelengths of laser energy delivered at precise “dosages” to penetrate the skin without incisions, reaching the lower levels of tissue where warts are rooted and destroying the virus that causes warts. Once the virus has been destroyed, warts will not grow again unless the foot becomes reinfected. Laser treatment is completed right in the office using a special type of laser called a Nd: YAG. Most warts can be treated in a single session, although more severe wart infections may require two sessions for complete eradication. Our laser can deliver the right kind of energy, across the perfect wavelength, at the right penetration, with the duration needed to destroy warts — usually in only one treatment.