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Podiatrists in Wheeling and Chicago

Global Podiatry Treatment Services

Your feet are the foundation of your body, so if they’re giving you trouble, then it’s time to do something about it! The team at Global Podiatry are specialists in the field of podiatric care. We’re here to support you through your recovery with expert diagnosis, advanced treatment options, and professional, friendly support at every stage of overcoming your foot or ankle condition. 

If you’re tired of sitting on the side lines with foot pain, ankle pain, or heel pain, Global Podiatry is ready to help you get back in the game. We’ll get you up and moving and feeling like yourself again in a timeframe that’s safe and conducive to a good, healthy recovery.

Global Podiatry in Chicago & Wheeling, IL - Foot & Ankle Podiatric Care
foot & ankle doctors of podiatry in Chicago in Wheeling IL

Global Podiatry – Podiatric Care You Can Count On

Our podiatrists understand the unique complexities of the foot and ankle, and how even simple everyday activities can take their toll on your feet over time. From existing diseases and disorders that can damage your feet, to conditions and injuries that affect your mobility, we’ll help you to understand, manage, and overcome your condition by giving you the professional support you need.

If you’re ready to start running, jumping, and living your life to the fullest without pain in your lower limbs holding you back, then we’re ready to support you. Get in touch with Global Podiatry today or visit us at our podiatry clinics in Wheeling and Chicago, IL to receive the highest standard of podiatry care in the Chicago area. 

Podiatrists in Wheeling IL and Chicago IL

We Offer Personalized Podiatry Care

Customized care that accommodates your unique needs.

Every single patient who walks through the doors of our podiatry clinics in Chicago & Wheeling, IL is unique and deserves a service that treats them as such. We believe in giving our patients personalized podiatric care that’s affordable, professional, and tailored to their exact needs.

Our team are committed to providing an excellent service, whether you pay us a visit because you’ve injured your ankle or you require ongoing diabetic foot care to keep your feet strong, healthy, and functioning properly. We’re also pleased to announce that we’re affiliated with Advocate General Hospital, Advocate Healthcare, and Northshore University Health Systems.

We Deliver Exceptional Podiatry Services

Effective, affordable diagnosis and treatment for your condition.

Losing function in your feet, struggling with ankle pain, or coping with embarrassing skin conditions can make everyday tasks much more difficult than they need to be. Problems with your feet can knock your confidence, make you feel like you can’t do things that you used to love, and just leave you with an overall feeling of discomfort – but all that can stop!

Global Podiatry can help you to find the root cause of your pain and then treat it effectively. We are expertly trained, skilled podiatrists that specialize in all manner of foot, ankle, heel, toe, and skin conditions. If you’re fed-up with pain and discomfort, then please get in touch with us, and we’ll find the best way forward to reduce your pain and help you to get back to enjoying the activities you love.

We Provide Specialist Podiatry Care When You Need it

Convenient treatment and support 7 days of the week.

There’s no predicting when an ankle or foot injury might occur, but when you choose Global Podiatry as your go-to podiatry clinic in Wheeling and Chicago, IL, you’ll always know that there’s a trained Chicago podiatrist waiting for you.

We pride ourselves on our 7 day a week podiatry service in Wheeling, IL and Chicago, IL that allows us to give you the treatment you need, exactly when you need it. For prompt treatment in an emergency and support every day of the week, you can always rely on Global Podiatry.

Why Choose Us

Patient-Centered Care

Global Podiatry is a top podiatry practice with Chicago area locations in Wheeling and Chicago, IL. Patients receive the highest-quality care from Dr. Simon Donets and Dr. Yelana Barsky.

Conservative Approaches

Including the use of custom orthotics designed to suit each patient’s foot shape, gait and other factors for superior care and long-term relief of many feet and ankle related problems.

Network Insurances

We work with many major insurance carriers and help patients determine their coverage limits and availability before care. Call us to learn more about the insurance policies we accept.

Our Services

Global Podiatry Specializes in Treatment for Many Conditions

Ankles and feet are very complex areas of the body, as are many of the conditions that can affect them. At Global Podiatry, we provide professional diagnosis and treatment for abnormal conditions of the ankle and foot, as well as common problems that can arise with toes, heels, and skin.

Our industry-leading expertise helps us to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat a range of conditions that affect ankles, feet, toes, heels, and skin. The main conditions that we treat in Wheeling and Chicago, IL, include:

We also specialize in foot surgery at Global Podiatry and provide children’s foot care and diabetic foot care services in Chicago.

When you visit Global Podiatry in Wheeling and Chicago, IL, you’ll benefit from our high-quality healthcare services in a comfortable, relaxing setting where your health and recovery is always the top priority.

Global Podiatry Invests in Advanced Technology to Support Your Care and Recovery

Global Podiatry strive to provide you with the best possible treatment for your condition, which is why we use advanced technology to assist in diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. You’ll receive an exceptional quality of care at our podiatry clinic, with treatments at affordable prices using technology such as:

We have been looking at and taking care of feet for many years now; you can count on our skilled podiatrists to provide you with the highest standard of care using the most up-to-date technology and techniques.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Donets was very informative, clearly explaining my treatment options to help me choose the most cost-effective and helpful intervention.
Corey C.
The doctor is very helpful, scheduling an appointment was easy. I’ll definitely recommend this doctor to anyone.
Stella V.
Great service! Dr. Donets is very passionate about healing people. He took great care of my left big toe joint by giving me a steroid shot that completely eliminated my pain. My days are pain free now and I am very grateful. Thank you, Dr. Donets!
Katerina M.
Very pleasant and knowledgeable Dr Donets. Appointments are on time and it's a pleasure to talk to the Dr. He would not rush you out and explain all the possible treatments. I would definitely recommend him to others.
Liana R.
The Doctor was great. He was super informative. He spent time.with me and I did not feel rushed. I'm happy he came up with a plan to address my heel spurs.
Nicole M.

Our Doctors

Dr. Simon Donets, DPM

Dr. Yelana Barsky, DPM

Get in Touch with Us

People visit Global Podiatry time and time again for our attention to detail, our accommodating and friendly team, and our dedication to excellence in all areas of podiatry care in Chicago. We’re conveniently located in Wheeling and Chicago to make seeking treatment for your foot or ankle condition easy.

Our Wheeling, IL Office


Call us today at 847-392-8080

Our Chicago, IL Office 


Call us at 847-392-8080

*NOTE: Our Lincolnwood Office is now closed

We ask that our Lincolnwood patients please visit us at our new Chicago office on Peterson Ave.

Call us today at 847-392-8080

Don’t allow your foot or ankle condition to bring you down. Get the professional, expert treatment that you need to finally say goodbye to pain and discomfort and hello to a healthy, active lifestyle where pain doesn’t dictate what you can and can’t do! 7 days a week, Global Podiatry are here to help you.

New revolutionary treatments for Tendonitis, Arthritis, Heel Pain, and Nerve Pain.

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