Technologically Advanced Podiatric Treatment Procedures 

Treat common and rare conditions of the Foot & Ankle in Chicago, IL

Treat common and rare conditions of the foot & ankle in Chicago, IL

Global Podiatry is perfectly situated in the Chicago area to provide you with easy access to a high standard of podiatric care from trained professionals. Global Podiatry in Chicago is North Chicago’s premier podiatry clinic, we offer a range of Podiatry  Services. Our industry-leading expertise helps us to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat a range of foot & ankle conditions.

Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat & Professional Podiatry Services We Provide in Chicago, IL


Foot & Ankle Condition Treatment Services at Global Podiatry in Chicago

Foot & Ankle Condition Treatment Services at Global Podiatry in Chicago

Toenail Disorder Foot Care

Toenail disorders can cause excruciating pain and discomfort and need to be treated right away. Due to the placement of the toenail, it rubs up against everything, and no matter whether you are doing something or relaxing, it will ruin your days and night. Toenail disorders can be caused by improper trimming, trauma, or genetic factors. We treat all types of toenail disorders with care, ensuring you feel no pain during the procedure and have you back walking without distress in no time. 

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

The plantar fascia is a ligament in the bottom of the foot that supports the arch. If strained or damaged, as soon as you start to walk, the ligament can stretch and eventually tear if left untreated. At Global Podiatry, we have a variety of different treatments to fight back against plantar fasciitis. If you’re suffering from heel pain, Contact Global Podiatry, we will diagnose and treat the cause of the problem quickly and effectively.

Chicago Diabetic Foot Care Services

Even though a common illness around the world, it is essential that those with diabetes not forget about foot care. If you have diabetes, come and see our specialists at Global Podiatry and have your feet properly evaluated. Due to the poor circulation that diabetes causes, those with it are susceptible to sores and non-healing wounds. If not treated, infections can occur and lead to amputations.


North Chicago Foot & Ankle Injury Podiatry Care

Foot injuries and conditions are very common but they’re also incredibly varied.

Global Podiatry is a Chicago foot and ankle Clinic composed of multidisciplinary podiatric physicians. Our podiatrists are board-certified with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and have years under their belt as foot and ankle specialists. We are here to serve all foot and ankle needs and perform advanced podiatric procedures for a wide array of injuries to the foot and ankle. We treat a vast array of foot & ankle conditions.

⇒Sports Injuries
⇒Foot and ankle trauma
⇒Plantar Fasciitis

At Global Podiatry, the collective knowledge and expertise between our specialists treat patients who have foot or ankle pain Foot & Ankle Doctor Chicago Podiatryusing the best, most technologically advanced, and proven techniques. Our personalized care allows for patients to be in total comfort during their treatments while using state-of-the-art equipment to identify and treat foot and ankle issues. From professional diagnosis to the healing process, Global Podiatry is with you every step of the way, providing an exceptional standard with your foot problems & custom orthotic devices in Chicago, IL.


North Chicago Foot & Ankle Injury Specialists

Whether you’ve fractured, strained, or sprained your ankle or suffered another ankle injury, you’ll be able to get the treatment you need at Global Podiatry to help you recover in a fast and safe way. Our foot and ankle treatment options in Chicago range from conventional and non-invasive techniques to surgical procedures for foot and ankle care, all backed with years of experience. We provide compassionate care and a wide array of services to all patients, no matter the age.

Whatever foot and ankle need that you have, our team at Global Podiatry will eliminate your foot or ankle pain, restore mobility, and get you back to do things you love. As trained and certified ankle surgeons, our entire team strives to provide each patient with unique care and attention. Get the best foot and ankle treatment in Chicago with Global Podiatry and stop living in pain.

Customized Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment Services in Chicago 

Our professional foot & ankle treatment service plan options in Chicago, IL, are personalized to each patient. No one condition is the same, and that is why we take a unique approach to every foot and ankle injury. We at Global Podiatry have years of experience identifying and treating all types of foot and ankle conditions. 

Toe Injury – Podiatric Treatments 

If you’re currently suffering from bunions or toenail fungus, book an appointment at Global Podiatry in Chicago, to finally put an end to your discomfort and pain. With expert treatment from our skilled podiatrists in Chicago, IL, you can gain much-needed relief from the symptoms of your injury or condition and get help to find an effective, long-term solution.

Heel Injury & Heel Pain Treatment Plans in Chicago

At our practice, Global Podiatry, our experienced foot specialists treat all types of heel pain. Many symptoms can include pain while you walk, burning, numbness, and increased symptoms throughout the day. Heel pain can be caused by trauma, overexertion, ill-fitting shoes, and poor foot alignment. If you are experiencing pain in your heel, do not wait and contact Global Podiatry right away. 

Achilles Tendonitis Injury – Chicago Podiatry Treatment

Achilles tendinitis is a widespread sports injury that causes pain along the back of the leg near the heel. The Achilles tendon stretches all the way from your calf to your heel and, if it is constantly abused, can leave you without being able to walk. It is common among athletes and middle-aged people, so if you have difficulty extending your foot or pointing it to the ground, immediate treatment needs to take place. 

Foot Care Clinic in Chicago for Children  

(Diagnosis of Foot & Ankle Conditions + Customized Treatment Plans)

Children can suffer from a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including many of the same problems as adults and a number that are more common during childhood. At Global Podiatry, we provide exceptional care for those of all ages, even the little ones. Foot pain in children can be frightening, but early diagnosis and treatment can ensure their pain goes away using only the most advanced techniques. Has your child been complaining about pain in their heel, foot, or ankle? If yes, then contact Global Podiatry immediately. 

Chicago Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeons

global podiatry treatment services in chicago - podiatric foot surgeons

Committing to foot and ankle surgery is a huge decision and it can often be one that many people want to avoid. When conservative treatments like anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, orthotics, weight control, and other plans don’t work, it may be time to talk with the foot and ankle specialists at Global Podiatry in Chicago, to explore all of your options. 

When You Have Tried Everything to Avoid Foot & Ankle Surgery

Living with foot and ankle pain is horrible, and sometimes you can try everything, and still, nothing helps. If you have tried:

  • Changing your profession 
  • Postponing sports, exercise, or leisure activities
  • Made significant lifestyle changes 

And still, after weeks of conservative treatments, you are still in intolerable pain, and your body isn’t responding to non-invasive treatments; reconstructive ankle and foot surgery can help you get past your pain and put you on the road to recovery and a normal lifestyle. 

Reconstructive Foot Ankle Surgeons in Chicago & Wheeling IL

Do You Need Foot and Ankle Surgery?

It can be stressful and overwhelming to determine if surgery is the right option for you, and we at Global Podiatry want to assist you in every way possible so that you know exactly what you need to do to feel better.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions:  

  1. Is the severity of your pain more than a 5 on a 10 point scale? 
  2. Have you been in pain for longer than two weeks? 
  3. Has your foot and ankle pain forced you to make life-altering changes to your everyday activities? 
  4. Are you willing to explore surgical options? 

Any long-term foot or ankle pain needs to be treated. Eventually, when a tendon pops, or you fracture a bone, surgery is going to be an inevitable treatment plan.

Living in pain affects everything you do, and there is nothing more than we want at Global Podiatry than to help you get past the excruciating times. You need to know the extent of damage in your foot or ankle; if you have ongoing pain, contact Global Podiatry in Chicago today.

Ensure You’re Making the Best Long Term Decision, Regarding Your Foot / Ankle Injury

Foot and ankle surgery is a highly specialized treatment that focuses on reconstructing the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These surgeries relieve pain by taking a foot or ankle that has been severely damaged and rebuilding the foot, arch, and ankle. 

Depending on your long-term foot and ankle problem, you may require reconstructive surgery. Every condition is unique; if you need surgery, it can be complex or minor. Some reconstructive surgeries include: 

  • Tendon transfer
  • Bone fusion
  • Joint implantation
  • Bone grafting 
  • Soft tissue repair

To restructure the foot, devices such as screws, wires, pins, or plates may be needed to be implemented to help. At Global Podiatry, we are certified in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. Our team of foot and ankle specialists will thoroughly evaluate your condition and outline a clear and straightforward surgical and recovery plan. 

What You Can Expect From the

Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgeons at Global Podiatry in Chicago

Global Podiatry surgeons have years of intense training, certification, and experience performing reconstructing foot and ankle surgeries in Chicago. Our expertise allows us to accurately diagnosis and treat complicated conditions. The procedures that we perform correct foot and ankle problems caused by trauma, congenital disabilities, and disease.

Will Podiatric Surgery in Chicago Help My Foot / Ankle Condition?

After your consultation with one of our foot and ankle specialists in Chicago,  we will review your test results and carefully determine what course of action needs to be taken. Our extensive and reliable process will tell us what your condition is and how it needs to be treated. 

Once we have sufficient results, we will decide on the right treatment plan. We will explain the entire procedure so that you know exactly what we will be doing so that you are confident with the entire process. Our comprehensive methods will give you an assurance that the surgery will make a tremendous difference in your day-to-day life. 

Dr Barsky and Dr Donets at Global Podiatry Services in Chicago Illinois

Book an appointment to see Dr Barsky / Dr Donets at Global Podiatry in Chicago.

How to Contact Global Podiatry

The convenient location of Global Podiatry makes it easy to reach us in the event of a foot emergency.

Our clinic is very easy to access, so paying us a visit will never take longer or be more difficult than it needs to be!

Our clinic in Chicago, IL is located at:

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