Diabetics are typically at high risk for foot problems.  Diabetics will frequently suffer poor circulation, nerve problems, and foot deformities due to muscle weakness.  Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive evaluation and maintenance program.   Depending on your particular status, the diabetic patient will be seen every 2 months, 6 months or yearly.

Chicago Diabetic Shoes

We offer a diabetic shoe program which is covered by most every insurance company, including Medicare. We also offer a variety of diabetic socks. Our diabetic shoes are also known as orthopedic shoes, and they are not just for diabetics!

If you have diabetes, we recommend:

  1. Daily inspection of the bottom of your feet
  2. Daily moisturizers
  3. Socks with no seams
  4. Shoes with no inner stitching
  5. Specialized insoles to protect the bottom of your feet

Additional recommendations may be made during your visit!