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Dr. Simon Donets - Global Podiatry - Wheeling Podiatrist


Why "Global"?  We treat anything that happens from the ankle down! From simple ingrown nails to broken ankles, we have performed thousands of procedures. And yes, our physicians and staff speak Spanish and Russian!

Wheeling Foot DoctorFoot Doctor Wheeling, IL

Dr. Yelana Barsky - Global Podiatry - Lincolnwood Podiatrist

When looking for a Chicago foot doctor, we have IN-OFFICE digital xray and diagnostic ultrasound to properly evaluate your bone, or soft tissue problem! Save yourself a trip to the emercency room, we are open 6 days a week. The sooner you come to see us, the better we can handle your problem!

Lincolnwood Foot DoctorFoot Doctor Lincolnwood, IL


Dr. Yelana Barsky - Foot Doctor in Chicago

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