Dear Patients!

I hope everyone is taking precautions and that you, your friends and your loved ones are well. We have had a number of patients reaching out with questions and concerns. I hope to address these below:

We are open for essential visits. It is important that we keep patients OUT OF THE EMERGENCY ROOMS unless your condition is life threatening. Shortness of breath, fevers that are not managed by Tylenol (greater than 102.7), chest pains are reasons to go to the ER. To avoid needless visits to the ER:

Visit your foot doctor for foot and ankle related injuries. Almost every podiatrist has xray at the office, along with boots and casting supplies. Unless you have had a fracture where there is bone breaking through your skin, there is no reason to go to the emergency room.

Visit your foot doctor for skin infections such as ingrown toenails or open wounds. Again, these are easily handled in the office, until your entire foot becomes swollen and then requires a trip to the hospital!

All other conditions such as chronic nagging pains (heel pain), warts and non-painful skin conditions can now be handled via telemedicine virtual visits! Send pictures, video etc and we will follow-up with a phone call. Medicare and all other private insurances are now covering these types of consultations. If it requires a face to face visit, we will let you know! In particular, WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR DIABETIC PATIENTS TO REACH OUT with any concerns. We need to keep you out of the ER in particular. The best way to do that is to catch the problem early.

Friends, it is my feeling that we will be dealing with this problem for an extended period of time and that we will all need to adapt.Illinois podiatrist open during corona virus covid 19 As experienced surgeons, we are experts in infection control. Panic will not help, but complacency will not make the situation go away either. We must find our new normal, using common sense and extra precautions. Feel free to reach out for advice in any capacity. Best of luck to all trying to navigate through this unprecedented time!


– Best regards,


Dr. Donets and Dr. Barsky

Dear patients:

We are open! 

Please read this updated Covid-19 announcement:

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