Customized Podiatric Diagnosis & Care


Effective Podiatric Diagnosis and Treatment 

Get back to enjoying the activities you love! Contact us to discover the best customized treatment options available to you.  At Global Podiatry, we provide professional diagnosis and treatment for abnormal conditions of the ankle and foot, as well as common problems that can arise with toes, heels, and skin. Global Podiatry determines the root cause of your pain and then treats it effectively. We are expertly trained, skilled podiatrists that specialize foot, ankle, heel, toe, and skin conditions.

Customized Podiatry Care 

We believe in giving our patients personalized podiatric care that’s affordable, professional, and tailored to their exact needs. Our team are committed to providing an excellent service, whether you pay us a visit because you’ve injured your ankle or you require ongoing diabetic foot care to keep your feet healthy. 

Exceptional Podiatry Services


Global Podiatry Services

Visit Global Podiatry and you’ll experience top-quality podiatric treatment services in a comfortable, relaxing setting. Our industry-leading podiatric expertise helps us to effectively diagnose and treat a range of foot and ankle conditions. The main foot & ankle conditions that we treat in Chicago  & Wheeling, IL include:

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Chicago Diabetic Foot Care Services 

Having diabetes can increase your risk of developing problems with your feet. Our team of expert podiatrists know how crucial diabetic foot care is in prevention minor problems, becoming more complicated Our trained podiatrists can help you to stay on top of problems and manage them effectively with diabetic maintenance and evaluation programs.

Foot Care Services for Children in Chicago

Our pediatric podiatrists provides compassionate foot care for children & kids of all ages. At Global Podiatry we provide professional children’s foot care in a comfortable, welcoming environment at (2) convenient locations.

Foot Surgery Clinics in Chicago & Wheeling, IL

If you are considering whether or not to have a foot operation procedure preformed, our certified podiatric surgeons in Chicago will provide you with expert advice, tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Podiatry Procedures & Care

(Treat common and rare conditions of the foot & ankle in Chicago & Wheeling, IL)

From professional diagnosis to effective treatments and ongoing support, you can always rely on the Global Podiatry team to offer an exceptional standard of care when you entrust us with your foot problems & custom orthotic devices.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Treatment Technologies 

AmnioFix – Enhanced Healing Treatments in Chicago

New revolutionary treatments for Tendonitis, Arthritis, Heel Pain, and Nerve Pain. AmnioFix.

AmnioFix Treatments in Chicago

We Provide Podiatry Care When You Need it

Convenient Podiatry Treatment, Open  7 – Days of the Week

When an ankle or foot injury may occur, there’s no predicting the time or day. For your convenience, we provide podiatry service in both Lincolnwood, IL & Wheeling, IL. Providing the opportunity to give you the podatric treatment, during your time of need. For prompt treatment services, in an emergency, contact Global Podiatry 7-Days of the Week.

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NOTE: Please call us at 847-282-4292 for the most current availability, for same-day emergency appointments. 

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