I’ve heard of a pedicure…but

What’s a Podicure?

Simply put, it’s a Podiatry inspired pedicure.  Pedicures are designed to pamper a client: make them feel clean, taken care of, and improve their self image. Unfortunately, all too often, pedicures are sources of skin infection and nail disease. They are counter-productive toward the overall health of you and your feet.


Fungus is a microbe which lives all around us.  It is in our bathrooms, pools, and whirlpool tubs in higher volumes, but can be found in any slightly moist, warm environment. To make matters worse, immature fungus can live “unhatched” within a shell called a spore.  It is immune to soaps and scrubs when in this form.  It can continue to build on your skin, drying it out, but not cause blistering or itching typically associated with athletes foot (foot fungus).

Quite simply, you don’t even know it’s there!  But we do. And we know how to get rid of it, then teach you to keep it away.

Our Rejuvenating Treatment

Heals Your Dry Feet for

Visibly Younger Looking Skin

When you register at Global Podiatry, we will begin the process of restoring your foot health by:
-A consultation with a Podiatrist, each visit
-Educational materials to review, with tips and tricks
-Nail technicians with decades of experience and years of podiatry supervised treatments
-Disposable liners for the whirlpool
-Disposable skin files
-Sterile nail care instruments
-A selection of anti-microbial nail polishes

Your treatments include one-time use supplies, and specific applications to meet your needs, recommended by your foot doctor.

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