Global Podiatry is perfectly situated in the Lincolnwood area to provide you with easy access to a high standard of podiatric care from trained professionals. Global Podiatry in Lincolnwood is North Chicago’s premier podiatry clinic, we offer a range of Podiatry  Services, the professional podiatry services we provide in Lincolnwood, IL, include:

Diabetic Foot Care Services in Lincolnwood, IL
Having diabetes can increase your risk of developing problems with your feet. Our trained podiatrists can help you to stay on top of problems and manage them effectively with diabetic maintenance and evaluation programs in Lincolnwood, IL.

Children’s Foot Care Services in Lincolnwood, IL
Children can suffer from a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including many of the same problems as adults and a number that are more common during childhood. Here at Global Podiatry in Lincolnwood, IL we provide professional children’s foot care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Foot Injury Treatment in Lincolnwood, IL
Foot injuries and conditions are very common but they’re also incredibly varied.

Advanced procedures to treat common and rare conditions of the foot & ankle in Lincolnwood, IL

• Podiatric Surgery 
• Neuroma 
• Arthritiic Conditions
• Flat Feet Treatment

From professional diagnosis to effective treatments and ongoing support, you can always rely on the Global Podiatry team to offer an exceptional standard of care when you entrust us with your foot problems & custom orthotic devices in Lincolnwood, IL.

Toe Injury Treatment Services in Lincolnwood, IL
Whether you’re suffering from bunions or toenail fungus, book an appointment at Global Podiatry to finally put an end to your discomfort and pain. 

Global Podiatry in Lincolnwood, IL provides Foot & Ankle Condition Treatment Services, including: 

• Toenail Fungus 
• Bunion Treatment 
• Hammer Toe Treatment Services

With expert treatment from our skilled podiatrists in Lincolnwood, IL, you can gain much needed relief from the symptoms of your injury or condition and get help to find an effective, long-term solution.

Skin and Nail Disorder Treatment in Lincolnwood, IL
Many problems that arise with your nails and skin can be very painful and will often continue to cause you discomfort until you seek professional treatment. Global Podiatry operates as a:

Foot & Ankle Conditions
Our advanced treatment options will help you to overcome skin and nail disorders, while advice from our trained podiatrists will help you to prevent them in the future.

Heel Injury Treatment

From irritation and inflammation to difficulty walking and pain, a number of problems can arise with your heels. At Global Podiatry, we treat heel pain conditions, with utmost care and expertise.

Achilles Tendonitis Injury Treatment

A common sports injury, Achilles tendinitis is an injury of the Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in the body. Typically due to overuse and/or micro-trauma;  which may cause stiffness, edema, weakness and pain in the Achilles tendon

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you’re suffering from heel pain, Contact Global Podiatry, we will diagnose and treat the cause of the problem quickly and effectively.

Ankle Injury Treatment in Lincolnwood, IL

Whether you’ve fractured, strained, or sprained your ankle, or suffered another ankle injury, you’ll be able to get the treatment you need at Global Podiatry, to help you recover in a fast and safe way.

How to Contact Global Podiatry

The convenient location of Global Podiatry – just 10 miles north of downtown Chicago – makes it easy to reach us in the event of a foot emergency.

Our clinic is very easy to access, so paying us a visit will never take longer or be more difficult than it needs to be!

Our clinic in Lincolnwood, IL is located at:

3454 W Devon Ave,
IL 60712, USA

You can contact our office on:

Our friendly team are waiting to answer your call or greet you on arrival, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or pay us a visit if you have any concerns about the health of your feet, ankles, or toes.

Lincolnwood, IL Area Information
Lincolnwood is a small village of 12,687 people located in Cook County, Illinois. The area code for Lincolnwood is 773 and the zip code is 60712. Lincolnwood is very close to Skokie, IL, which is just 2.2 miles away, and Chicago, IL, which is 11.7 miles away.
Other places in close proximity to Lincolnwood, IL, include:

• Evanston, IL (1.9 miles)
• Morton Grove, IL (1.9 miles)
• Harwood Heights, IL (2.1 miles)
• Niles, IL (2.2 miles)
• Golf, IL (2.2 miles)
• Wilmette, IL (2.2 miles)
• Norridge, IL (2.3 miles)

The beautiful area of Cook County has many wonderful greenspaces, such as Chase Park, Central Park, Goebelt Park, and Keystone Park. Lincolnwood Public Library is located in the village, as well as Bryn Mawr Country Club and Lincolnwood Village Hall. Residents of Lincolnwood are served by the Lincolnwood Fire Department.