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As we use our feet every day to perform daily activities, they undergo quite a bit of stress, especially as we age. Numerous different deformities can take place, and this can scare patients who don’t know what it is and how to treat it. Claw toes, often related to Hammer Toe, is a condition that bends the toes into a position that closely resembles the shape of a claw. Though this condition is not serious and poses no risk to your overall health, it can be extremely uncomfortable as you go about your day. When you experience an unnatural curl in your toes, it is crucial that you seek immediate attention from a top-rated podiatrist in Wheeling, IL, or Chicago. Claw toes can be related to other underlying health issues such as cerebral palsy and diabetes.


The Main Symptoms and Causes of Claw Toe Conditions

The reason for claw toes can be due to an array of different things. A majority of people think that the culprit is due to the shoes they wore, ones that constantly are squeezing the toes, such as heels. Though footwear always plays a role in the health of your feet, alcoholism and diabetes are often more likely to cause claw toes as these diseases weaken the muscles in your foot.

Main symptoms of claw toe conditions

  • Toes that are bent upward from the joints at the ball of the foot 
  • Toes bent downward, curling under the foot 
  • Toes bent downward toward the sole of your shoe

Claw Toe Symptoms in Chicago or Wheeling, IL

When you notice your toes start to curl, immediately contact Global Podiatry – Your trusted podiatry clinic in Chicago & Wheeling, IL.

Claw Toe Treatment Options in Chicago and Wheeling, IL 


chicago claw toe treatment clinic in wheeling, ILClaw toe treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the patient’s past medical record. When you are able to notice the claw toe in the early stages, your expert podiatrist may be able to recommend simple procedures such as a splint that holds your toes in the correct position. Your Chicago or Wheeling, IL podiatrist may also recommend: 




  • Wear comfortable and roomy shoes while avoiding tight shoes such as heels 
  • Stretch your toes by using your hands to pull them toward their normal position
  • Challenge your toes to pick up objects such as marbles or small pieces of crumpled-up paper. 

Can I Leave Claw Toes Untreated? 

Absolutely not! Claw toes are not necessarily considered a life-threatening problem, but when left untreated, you will have a life of extreme discomfort. When left as they are, the joints can permanently stay in that position without a chance to improve the condition. Don’t let pain be the only indicator that you need to seek professional assistance. Listen to your body; if you see your toes curling, contact us right away! 

Claw Toe Vs Hammer Toe Conditions

Claw toes can often be mistaken for hammer toes, so it is essential to understand the difference. Both of these conditions trigger intense irritation in the feet and usually do not affect the big toe, just the smaller ones. 

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  • Hammertoes curve at the joint in the middle of the toe, pushing the toe down. Usually, this condition only affects one toe. 
  • Claw toes rarely affect only one toe; instead, multiple toes are affected. The curves start around the joint where the toes meet the foot pointing back at the first joint and flat at the middle joint. 

Contact Global Podiatry the Top-Rated Podiatry Clinic in Chicago and Wheeling, IL 

Are unsure if you have hammertoe or claw toes? there is only one way to be sure – reach-out to the foot & ankle professionals. At Global Podiatry, we are always available to assist you in any way possible, diagnosing your problem and providing a personalized treatment plan. There is no better place to put the health of your feet in than at Global Podiatry. When you are experiencing Claw Toe Symptoms, do not hesitate to contact Global Podiatry

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